Information about Skåne Blekinge Vattentjänst AB 


Skåne Blekinge Vattentjänst AB, also known as SBVT, is a joint operating company whose mission is to operate water and wastewater facilities in Bromölla, Olofström,Östra Göinge and Osby. SBVT is owned by Bromley Energy & Water Company, Olofströms kraft AB, Eastern Göinge Municipality and Osby Municipality. 

The purpose of forming a joint operating company is to create an efficient, competent and sustainable organization for the operation of the partners' respective sewerage facilities - to the benefit of our VA-subscribers. 
Together, the four municipalities of over 55,000 inhabitants and about 14 000 customers / households are connected to the water and wastewater facilities that SBVT now due to perform. This includes, in addition to over 1650 km sewage lines, 17 water utilities and 15 wastewater treatment plants. The company will be headquartered in Bromölla.
Please contact SBVT for more information.
Skåne Blekinge Vattentjänst AB Bruksgatan 1A 295 31 Bromölla 
Tel: 010-211 97 00